We at StageAI are looking for new colleagues. Out mission is to build the platforms needed to analyze and evolve cities into smart systems… whatever that means to you. For us it means working on some fair amount of different products in order to solve some fair amount of real-world problems that could be solved by computers yet for some reason are not.

Our systems are powered by Go on the backend… unless when machine learning is involved where the obvious choice of Python shouldn’t surprise anyone. We have several web apps made with React and few mobile apps with React Native. In contrast of some we use good old SQL databases and admire PostgreSQL.

Do not consider any of those above as required to have experience with, though. As long as you feel comfortable with at least two different general purpose programming languages, love to learn new things, and are not afraid of going outside your comfort zone you will be fine. About half of our team were in this position.

Our ideal candidate is someone who shares our love of excellence and doing things with dedication and creativity, not always following the one and known right way. Testing rigorously, structuring the abstractions cleanly and polishing the code until it shines is our by default target. We’re looking for good and experienced developers, who are not afraid to learn new things and work on hard problems, where solutions might not yet be known at all.

We’re located in the Work&Share Coworking Space in Sofia and enjoy all the perks out from that, but working remotely is not uncommon to us. Our process lack rituals with fancy names and consists of short focused meetings, well-defined issues in milestones and rigorous code-reviews. We value highly the quality of the code and good practices.

Literally the whole company (not just tech) could pack comfortably in a semi-sized meeting room. There’s no hard to visualize management chain mainly because we operate as a network, and not as a good old-school hierarchical pyramid. That happens to eliminate almost any bureaucracy whatsoever… who would’ve thought of that.

Please remember we are assessing you for future opportunities as many arise along our path as a team. We want to speak to dedicated individuals who will help us reach our greatest goals as a company, so if this role describes you, please apply to join our happy bunch now.

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