Energy efficiency renovation is a main pillar in our evolution towards a sustainable system and we provide a diverse set of stakeholders the ability to create, control and monitor such projects in both Residential and Public buildings. We help our clients define and provide everything required for successful energy efficiency projects to be completed.

  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Building performance monitoring
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • EPC(Energy Performance Contract) development
  • Projects Milestones and Meetings

Successful partnerships to build even more successful projects.

A Great Initiative

FinEERGo-Dom Project

FinEERGo-Dom is an ambitious 4-year project that refines and implements guaranteed financing schemes for energy efficiency and renewable energy in deep renovations of buildings in Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria. The project builds on the experience of the Latvian Energy Efficiency Facility (LABEEF), the financial scheme deployed successfully in Latvia.

Our company is the technological partner for this project and together with our partners we are developing the platform needed for all stakeholders part of energy efficiency projects.

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Energy Efficiency Projects

The platform supports the definition, creation and monitoring of an Energy Performance Contract and the ability for many different stakeholders to collaborate.

The Milestones required for a successful project are all being developed and completed within the platform and can be defined with specific requirements which must be completed for the project phases to progress ahead.

From the building and apartment owners, to the companies, funds and financial institutions as well as municipalities , our platform serves all the various needs of our users to carry out successful EPC projects.